Description: The Alkonost (Also known as a Siren) has the head and torso of a beautiful nude woman. Instead of arms, green, scaly wings sprout from her shoulders. Her legs are that a lizard and the siren also has a long whip like tail.

These beautiful creatures are filled with an anger and contempt they often display when someone stumbles upon their lair.

Lifestyle: Alkonost most often live along rocky and cliff like coast lines in groups or 20-30. Here they lay their eggs along the shoreline, just out of reach of the crashing waves around late spring. These eggs usually hatch sometime between 7-14 days.

After her young hatch sirens have been known to use their exquisite and hypnotizing screech to lure in fisherman in the fog. When the ships crash upon the rocks the young feast upon the crews.

            With the lack of males, most scholars are sure that the Alkonost is capable of parthenogenesis.

Combat: The siren will often attack anything or anyone who enters near their nests. Ships the Alkonost usually burst from the water attacking as a group from all sides. They use their lizard like claws to snatch at sailors and drop them in the seas or return them to their nests for their young to feast upon. Some use their tails as a whip. Yet others use their screech to hypnotize the crew with their beauty or they have another scream that can blow ear drums.