Carrion Widow

Description: A drowned woman with the pale skin, peeling skin of death. Most have ragged thin hair, some have none. The Carrion widow floats slightly off the ground, red eyes of undeath stare from its eye sockets. Jaw sagged open as if in a constant scream. Their body is looks limp as they float, but they dart quickly when their quarry comes into view.

Lifestyle: The carrion widow comes out at night, floating out from the Sea of Widows. The sun burns the widow, bringing on unbearable pain.

They never go too far from the banks of the Sea of Widows, for their souls are bound there.

'Combat: Widow’s'bite and claw their victim’s, trying to drag the person into the sea where they proceed to suck the victim’s soul from there body. Once they feed on a victim, they stay in the sea until the next night.


Background: In a small port village every man was drafted into the army to fight Necrolis’s army of undead. When the army was slaughtered the entire village of remaining woman trudged into the sea and drowned themselves. The sea had been cursed by Necrlolis and when they died their souls were trapped and turned into Carrion widows.