Cobracorpen Elves: 
Cobracorpens, are one of the most honorable races on Draston. They all seem to follow a code-even the poorest of them-to help and protect those that need it.

Cobracorpen elves are shorter then most elves, and have much more brawn. Often causing them to be mistaken with half-elfs-though Cobracorpens can't grow facial hair like all other elves. These elves also have the shortest life span, only living to around three hundred years old.

Most men shave their heads within Cobracorpen society. Girls wear their hair in braids and when coming of the age of womanhood, put their hair in buns.

The capital of Cobracorpen is Corenesti.

The Great Wall and the Cobracorpen Knighthood are two things thought of often times when these elves come up in conversation.