Description: Ape like creatures that hunt in packs of three to six. The Dargrash’s grass-like fur is a light tan that helps them blend in well to the prairie grass of northern Tongderry. They can weigh from 100lbs to 130lbs.

Lifestyle: Unlike their cousins the ape, Dargrash prefer open grasslands to the jungle treetops. In fact the Dargrash very rarely travel to wooded areas. Dargrash avoid large bodies of water at all cost. Many scribes believe this because of the deadly Pargon Fish.

Dargrash altogether fear predators like wolves, lions and bears. But strangely enough don’t fear humans. Human flesh is one of the Dargrashes favorite meals. Dargrash mainly feed on rabbits, raccoon, deer and small elk.


Combat: Dargrash hunt in packs and are completely carnivorous. They tend to hunt the hunter, by one of their group making loud obvious noises in a brushy area and when the hunter approaches they flank him using sharp teeth and claws.