These humanoid figures have brown leathery skin, one large eye in their forehead, and two normal eyes like a human. They are completely missing a nose, leaving them with two holes above there lips. Darkholders also only have three fingers instead of five. Their height various much, just like humankind, though all are willowy, agile and quick.

These creatures originally lived in the Underworld, within a society of evil. Since then, they travelled to the surface, where they found a grove that had been touched by the gods of good in Southern Glandstone. Here they live following the will of the gods of good as best they can manage.

Darkholders specialize in sorcery, it flows through the blood of each of them. Though they only use a handful of spells: Charm Person, Paralyzing Ray, Fear, Slowing Ray, Delving, Telekinetic Ray, Sleep, Petrification Ray and Lesser Teleportation.

It is said when they lived in the Underworld they could cast a Ray of Darkness that killed instantly, and a host of other darkspells such as mind control and soulfeeding.