Dodo Bird

Description: Dodos are large, plump birds with wings at their sides too small or weak to lift itself off the ground. Dodos are around 3 and a half feet in height and weigh about 50 pounds when full grown. They have gray feathers on their bodies and tails with white plumes, and short, thick legs ending in 4-toed feet with black claws. Dodos are perhaps most well-known for their large hooked beaks, which were either pale yellow or green in color.


Lifestyle: These flightless birds live in forests throughout the land though they avoid civilized areas. They nested in grassy parts of the forest near the coastline, where females laid and incubated one egg at a time.

Dodo birds wade into shallow water to catch and eat fish. They also eat stone’s to help their digestive process.

People that have heard dodo birds describe it as a goose-like call typically heard from nesting sites.

Combat: They are described as being clumsy, stupid and slow. Aside from their powerful beaks, dodos had no defense against predators.