Duskblades, also called The Daggers of Duskfall by some, are a highly secretive guild of deadly assassins.

The Duskblades are located in a underground cathedral located in the mountains of Fragmar.

It is said, that if one prays aloud for someone to die, the Duskblades will here and connect that person for a contract. This is actually true, though many don't know it, the Duskblades have a giant magical sphere that transfers the message to the guild.

When someone is chosen by the Duskblades to join the Daggers of Duskfall, the chosen person is kidnapped. Then they enter a initiation process. A group of three Duskblades line up five other captives, and the chosen has a choice to kill one of those five. The faces of the five are covered and the chosen can ask questions to decide who deserves to die more. If the chosen refuses to kill one of the five however, they are killed by the duskblades.