The Feltarians were the first Empire some say. But it all started as a group of friends who started a mercenary group. The way they handled situations proceeded them. They dealt in honor, and a code of war. The small mercenary group quickly boomed, becoming a go to for the many city states that covered Draston at the time for protection. By the end, the Feltarians had accepted control of each city state, for the people love them and the forming of their empire began.

With the oncoming tides of dragons plaguing the land, a small group of companions within the higher hierarchy decided to for the Dragonband.

The people cried for help has savage monsters threatened the lands, again the Feltarians gave an answer. They teamed up with the dragon hunters of the Dragonband and set plans forth to build Darvalon and an organization called the Valons.

Even after the Feltarian empire failed and crumbled, its legacy has lived on.