Grom is a very dry terrian, the land is filled with steep canyons, ravines, gullies and hoodos that are eroded by wind and rain. Grom is difficult to travel on foot and almost impossible on horse, though the Antelope Centaurs seem to travel it with ease. There is a channel that runs north to south, but like a snake, zig-zagging from east to west. This is the easiest way to travel through this godsforsaken land. The channel is called Ravine of Slaughter, for all the ambushes that have happened in its history.

To the very north of the region, where the land bottlenecks, Sea of Sarmy to the west and the Ritco Sea to the east, lays a wall that was built by the Glandstonians. This wall is called the Wall of Slaughter and it was built to keep the dark armies that always seem to push from the region of Dhal-hax out. Men who are guilty of crimes in Glandstone get sent to man the wall until they have earned their freedom.