Personality: Halflings are lazy and unadventurous, preferring to smoke tobacco and eating all day. They are a joyous and cheerful people, having large celebrations for very small occasions.  Halflings often got themselves in trouble in human cities with their slight hands. They quickly would find themselves in a cell for the night and booted out of the city in the morning. 

Physical Description: Halflings stand between 2'8" and 3'4" tall and weighing on average between 30 and 35 lbs. They look very human like in appearance, most having dark hair and eyes. 

Relations: Halflings were never really accepted in any society, humans viewed them as little thieves. So Halflings usually stayed in the grasslands, living in their hill home. 

Alignment: Lawful good.

Lands: The grasslands is where the halflings claimed their homeland, quite seas of hills and grass. When Tenthrolen came from the north on a warpath, they slaughtered and burned most of their city. The remaining halflings fled to the elven city of Mythilis, where the Creetos elves and Daignar Dwarves welcomed them with open arms. In Mythilis was a beautiful lifestyle, where the halflings flourished. But one day darkness struck, sweeping through the halls. The earth shook, collapsing the halls blocking the Halfling race inside. Here is where their race was pressed into extinction. 

Religion: They followed Jarak god of luck.

Language: Common