Description: Ithazar have the body of a large white spider, but where the eyes of the spider normally are, a humanoid torso sprouts--much like a centaur. The skin of the torso is purplish, and looks much like a human, but with a four-tentacled octopus-like head. Unlike most humans though the Ithazar has four arms, the lower arms end in stingers instead of hands.

Combat: They attack with their mandibles, legs and arms ending in stingers when up close. However they prefer using sorcery while circling their prey at a run, flinging attacks from the dark before the prey can locate them. The older of the Ithazar can use their minds as a weapon, often using a mind blast to stun its prey. Some Ithazar, usually solitary, create a web to ensnare its victims, then moves in for the kill.

Lifestyle: Ithazar communities consist of fifty to three hundred, usually living within the subterranean Underworld. Some can be found in old ruins or crypts. Ithazar in the Underworld often are nomadic, but have larger numbers than those found on the surface.

Ithazar shamans worship and praise Xanzith. Often they will sacrifice those they capture or slave to the dark god.

The chosen food of the Ithazar is any of the races it catches unawares. They believe eating other races shows their power.

The Ithazar can be found in the northern regions of the Underworld that stretch under Draston.

Powers and weaknesses:

  • These beings were feared throughout the Underworld for their telepathic abilities. However these only come with age, the older a Ithazar, the stronger its telekinesis powers.Their powers however are limited, mind blasts, they can charm a race into befriending it, use their telepathic powers to talk to other races, or caress the mind of one and tell if they are lying are not.
  • Venom from their stingers causes cramping and much pain, it tightens the muscles.
  • Sunlight does not harm the Ithazar, but they very much dislike it.
  • They are highly immune to the cold, including magic spells of that nature.
  • Ithazar are weak to flame, the hair on their spider like bodies quickly flame up.