Planes of Existence

The Empyrean: A plane of existence in time and space where the gods of light rule. A place where their powers reign most powerful.

The Dream World: This Plane is a parallel world with vast possibility. It is both of Harthx and the Dreamworld, yet apart from them, and is occasionally entered for a few seconds at a time by ordinary people dreaming, although there is a great risk to those who do so as imagination becomes reality in the Dream World. Dreamwalkers may enter this world anytime they wish, others do so for a few seconds, almost by accident only to disappear again. Anyone can enter this world if falling asleep while holding a Dreamstone.

Note: Nothing psychical enters the dream world, the body of the Dreamwalker stays in the psychical world where ever that may be. And nothing from the dream world can enter the psychical world. The only thing that can follow the dreamer back is injuries sustained while in the dream world.

To die or be injured in this world, is to die. Many a dreamer has been found dead in his/her bed.

The Oblivion: A plane that exists neither here nor there. It is often described as a blank white nothingness as far as the eye can see. Or a more popular belief is it’s a giant library. The oblivion is where the gods of neutral abide, maintaining a balance overall over planes.

The Nether: The Nether plane is said to have five layers to it, one for each dark deity. Designed in the own image of each god or goddess.

The Lining between the Planes and Harthx

The Lining is a force of separation between the many planes. The lining in areas of Harthx is very thin, sometimes creatures from the elemental plane are able to enter through a small hole in the Lining and cause havoc on the world. The elemental planes are the closest planes to the world of Harthx, surround it. This is why Elementals sometimes enter the world, but not demons or other creatures from other realms.

The Elemental Planes of Existence