Port Caeyhorn is a large minotaur city on the Yargan Coastline, west of Eboulari.

The City

Though the city is not as beautiful as cities such as Eboudari, it still has a rather charming feel. The houses are made of white brick and the roads sand, except for the richer districts which are white cobble stone.

The best parts of the city are the Highest Circle district and the Noble Circle district. Both of these districts house the members of each circle and all their relations. They are filled with many palaces and towers.

The most dangerous area of Caeyhorn is the west docks. The ruffer traders and smugglers usually take up residence in one of the many shabby inns here.

The Culture

Unlike minotaur cities in Bola and Katar, other races are accepted and even encouraged to enter. The Caeyhorn minotaurs once were minotaurs of Bola and Katar, but got sick of they way they bullied and thought themselves superior to other races. So south they travelled, eventually founding Port Caeyhorn.

Guards in Port Caeyhorn all have large tattoos on their faces to represent that they are part of the guards. Many races in the city have taken up piercing their ears like the people of Eboulari.

The government consists of two councils. The Highest Circle, which consists of members from the royal family, six minotaurs in total. The Noble circle is full of wealthy nobles in the city or countryside, a mix of races though many are also minotaurs. Everything goes through a vote in the Nobles circle first and if it passes, the Highest circle then votes.

Caeyhorn has a huge navy and are always competing to be the best. Many would say they rank third, Mandra being first and Eboulari second.