Renhet is in the top tier of largest cities in Draston. It is a wonderous, elegant, and rich port city. Unfortunately, its also one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Unknown to its own occupants, the Vampire council pulls the strings of the king, the drug trade is high, and The punishment for stealing an apple, and murdering someone is the same; being thrown in prison to be killed later.

The population of Renhet is highly human, though other races are welcome to enter as long as they follow laws.


"The majority of the palace was supported by stone, however all of its five storeys were elaborately crafted with redwood. Flying buttresses and arches were carved from single trees, as were the three towers which encompassed this impressive effort of human craftsmanship. At the very highest floor, in the center of the building, was a room that was an almost perfect circle. Here, Lord Hayward conducted his most critical business, and any other matter that dealt with large sums of money."

-- Crossroads of Draston, In Search for a Soul, by Aaron Wulf

Old City

Many of the people within Renhet pretend that the old city doesn't exist, its an embarrassment to them. For this is where the people from the lower societies live. There are only two social classes to those of Renhet: Low and High. There isn't an in between. Either you are rich and live in the new city or poor and live in the old city.

Despite lower class living there, the Old city is quite beautiful. It is the very center of the Renhet, walled off from the new city that surrounds it.

Guards patrol this area much more than the new city. Looking for anyone begging, homeless, or breaking any other laws.

New City

The New City is where the rich live, it surrounds the Old city that is walled off, though, markets and other things also lay between as well.

Strict Laws and The Great Games

Murder is punished the same as begging on the street corner. All those caught breaking the law are thrown in an extremely overcrowded prison.

Once to twice a year, the prison is emptied by taking all prisoners and placing them in the Coliseum. Here they are slaughtered by gladiators, wild animals and such for the entertainment of the crowd.

Renhet takes part in the Great Games tournament with Katar, and Bola every year.

Puppet Rulership

There are no sure dates on the timeline, but the ruler (Lord) is a puppet to a Coven of Vampires. Lord Hayward is shown in Aaron Wulf's "Search for a Soul" in Crossroads of Draston being a puppet to a group of vampires.


Renhet has trade agreements with many countries, Bola, Katar, Glandstone, Cobracorpen, and Isatarist to name a few.

They trade jewelry, gems, buzz leaf, pottery, potatoes, glass, tropical fish, salt, shipping, kelp.


  • The Secret Vampire Wars.