Personality: Though they are very much like their Daignar cousins, the Rhothnic are a proud bunch. Ignorance and stubbornness runs strong in their bloodlines.

Physical Description: Rhothnic dwarves hair color differs, but is almost always black. The most surprising of characteristics of these dwarves is many do not have beards, as it is not a point of pride like it is to the Daignar. They stand four foot to four foot nine and usually weigh two hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds

Like all dwarf-kind, Rhothnic are completely immune to magic and cannot wield it either.

Relations: Rothnic are not very close to anyone outside their mountains, and as much as they hate it-they must admit that they rely heavily of their Daignar cousins in the hills for trade.

Alignment: Almost always lawful good or neutral.

Lands: The Rhothnic dwarves have shelled out quite an empire under the mountians. Vast halls filled with forges and smithies.

Religion: The primary god of the Rhothnic like all dwarves is Owe.

Language: Dwarven