Stout orcs are humanoids that are mainly carnivorous. They are solid muscle, seeming to be created for melee combat that relied on strength. They have a deep green to grey skin color, height and weight varying much like that of humankind. They have low jutting foreheads, an almost pig-like snout, and two small tusks the protrude from the bottom of their jaws.

Stout orcs live in tribes, creating safety in numbers. They live from hunting and raiding. Though some orcs attempt to to create armor and weapons, orcish built weapons are rather shabbily built. A few major differences between the stout orcs and the Mountain Orcs, is Stout orcs are much more muscular. Stout orcs are much less set on expansion and worry more about defending the lands they have, though many still indulge in warfare. But the biggest difference, is Stout orc tribes worship a select god whether of good, neutral or evil. There has actually been reports of an orc tribe in the ruins of Mythalis, that follow Tasar the Golden Archer.